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Find out a person's taste in music, you'll learn who that person is on the inside; what they've been trough,where they want to go,what they aspire to be... My name is Arie. 1986.

Who’s watching Glee tonight?



I don’t.

Is there anyone actually?

me neither

Glee was on last night? If there’s no Quinntana…

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    Glee was on last night? If there’s no Quinntana…
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    me neither
  3. offthewallsandoverthebridge answered: Noo! #Boycott Glee For Equality
  4. r0lledupsleeves answered: NOPE! lol.
  5. ifiknewwhoiwas answered: yes i just can’t not watch
  6. santana666 answered: nope
  7. inersgenius answered: i dont!
  8. adrisanz7 answered: well… I dont like the storyline in fact anymore but i love da cast!
  9. aliensandunicorns answered: nope.
  10. llioneess answered: YES! :D I am!
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